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Robert Latimer Case Essay

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Robert Latimer Case Essay

Hill after seeing the presidents skull wound in dealey plaza, and after returning with the body to bethesda he was summoned. Livingstone interview with paul peters) author gerald posner claimed that on march 10, 1992, peters told him, the only thing i would say is that over the last twenty-eight years i now believe the head wound is more forward than i first placed it. The absence of a rear skull defect in jfks autopsy photographs must be viewed with consideration of compelling evidence that the photographic inventory is incomplete.

On march 30, 1994, i called both drs. Jones testified it appeared to be an exit wound in the posterior portion of the skull dr. President but did not see any significant damage to any other part of the head.

Doris nelson, rn was a supervising nurse at parkland. That sentence was recorded by the warren commission and reads. Author livingstone read peters words of description back to peters asking for his comment.

In he wrote, i walked to the presidents head to get a closer look. I would tend - seeing what i saw, i would say that he was shot from the front. However, if jfks skull defect were not rearward, it is impossible to imagine clark would have conjectured that the skull defect was the possible exit site of the neck wound, for malcolm perry, md, who participated with him in the press conference, and had performed a tracheotomy on jfk, had just claimed three times the neck wound was a wound of entrance.

It is well known that the earlier accounts witnesses give are usually more reliable than later recollections, for in time, memory fades and may be influenced by other factors. White house with wayne hawks news conference, 112263, 316 pm, cst, dallas, texas) this virtually contemporaneous description is not entirely unequivocal. Specter the autopsy report discloses no such development, dr.

The x applies about where i thought the wound of exit was. Witness error is common and it would be easier to accept in this case if some witnesses described a right-rearward wound, some a left-sided wound and others an anterior wound. Ebersole told this to both dulaney and to art smith (be543). Nurse diana hamilton bowron greeted the limousine with a stretcher. No parkland observer placed the wound solely anteriorly on the right side.

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Robert Latimer Case Essay

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Robert Latimer Case Essay Some of the witnesses opinions, however, never appeared until years later, some as late as the 1990s. The hscas jim kelly and andy purdy reported that jenkins said he saw a head wound in the. In sum, accepting ebersoles earliest, un-coached description, there are forty four well qualified witnesses to jfks skull wound from parkland to bethesda. How unexpected that so many qualified eyewitnesses observations of a rear wound would later be disproved by the best evidence. V6136) within 48 hours of the assassination the british press relayed a second hand account from bowron through her mother. Secret service agent clint hill described the wounds he saw at parkland as, the right rear portion of his head was missing.
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    Humes statements and opinions regarding the point of entry c, point of exit d (referring to diagrams), and general angle on the flight of the missile? Finck i certainly do. Wehle then commanding officer of the military district of washington, d. Confusingly, finck wrote blumberg on 2165 suggesting the crater in occipital bone was not incomplete. Jerrol custer the other x-ray technician told david lifton that the wound in the skull was posterior in the skull and said that he exposed, and returned to the morgue, x- rays showing that the rear of the presidents head was blown off. In compiling the witnesses accounts of the wounds, every effort was made to locate and present the first account given by each witness.

    The conditions of being art pat hearn gallery and american fine arts, co. In fincks autopsy notes he seemed to corroborate boswells account that only a portion of the entrance wound was visible on jfks skull. Kemp clark, said it could be an exit wound, but it was also possible the wound was tangential dr. Arlen specter did not ask him to elaborate and dulaney did not volunteer any additional details. In jama, finck, in a written response to breos question, reported, the fatal wound (sic) - entry 25mm to the right of the external occipital protuberance and slightly above.

    He described the skull wound to harrison livingstone as, most of the bone that was missing was destroyed in the back of the head. Finck was also asked by arlan specter, were you present here today and did you hear the entire testimony of doctor humes? Finck yes i did. Warren commission or the hsca, he wrote researcher joanne braun on that,. Jones told parker that he fundamentally agreed with mcclellands drawing of the back of the head as seen in. Government printing office) and not low in the skull where boswell had previously placed it. Its to, (sic) in the rear and to the side, thats the parietal area. The wound was on the right side, not the back. John ebersole, md was assistant chief of radiology and head of the radiology division at bethesda, and was the radiologist who evaluated the x-rays in close cooperation with the autopsists on the night of the autopsy. Despite the disparate sources, the many descriptions of jfks skull wound are in surprising and overwhelming agreement. New study coauthored by bard college professor m.

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    john f. kennedy's fatal wounds: the witnesses and the interpretations from 1963 to the present by gary l. aguilar, md
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    Charles rufus baxter, md a resident physician at parkland in a hand written note prepared on and published in the warren report (p. Jones, did you have any speculative thought as to accounting for the point of wounds (sic) which you observed on the president, as you thought about it when you were treating the president that day, or shortly thereafter? Jones answered, with no history as to the number of times that the president had been shot or knowing the direction from which he had been shot, and seeing he wound in the midline of the neck, and what appeared to be an exit wound in the posterior portion of the skull, the only speculation that i could have as far as to how this could occur with a single wound would be that it would enter the anterior neck and possibly strike a vertebral body and then change its course and exit in the region of the posterior portion of the head Buy now Robert Latimer Case Essay

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    It seems possible that carrico has been persuaded that the photographs of the back of jfks head have been authenticated, a scientific impossibility, and therefore he should adjust accordingly his recollections to agree with this best evidence. In an affidavit prepared for the hsca sibert claimed, the head wound was in the upper back of the head. Finck stated that the entire entrance wound was in the skull bone. The x applies about where i thought the wound of exit was. How unexpected that so many qualified eyewitnesses observations of a rear wound would later be disproved by the best evidence.

    It was lying in the rear seat of the car. Parker, sent curtis a copy of mcclellands drawing showing a large right-sided defect in the rear of jfks skull to ask his opinion about it Robert Latimer Case Essay Buy now

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    And so im subject to what ive learned from reading and looking since. In any case it seems that baxter is either terribly unreliable or is often misquoted, as seem to be all of breos and posners allies. On 82477 kellerman sketched jfks skull wound showing only a rear view with a small hole at the right base and a larger hole below the top of the rear skull on the left side of midline. It was lying in the rear seat of the car. On the back side they lifted up the head and the whole back-side was gone.

    Specter failed to elucidate what she meant by the back of the head being very bad. The correct description indicates that the wound was located entirely at the rear of the head behind the right ear Buy Robert Latimer Case Essay at a discount

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    Bob mcclelland was in the best place to see the head wound. He appeared before the commission and claimed only,. Authors groden and livingstone, however, claim, he (grossman) said that he saw two large holes in the head, as he told the (boston) globe, and he described a large hole squarely in the occiput, far too large for a bullet entry wound. Among them are four physicians besides the autopsists, two autopsy photographers, three secret service agents, two fbi agents five technicians, a hospital corpsman, a presidential aid, and a mortician. It is clear, however, that the parkland witnesses described a wound in the rear of the skull on the right side.

    When we were preparing the body for the coffin i had the opportunity to examine it more closely Buy Online Robert Latimer Case Essay

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    That jfks head wound was on the right side of his head is universally accepted. Clearly, jenkins had forgotten that he himself had claimed that cerebellum was hanging out (as had ronald coy jones, md--see below). On 33064 carrico appeared again before the commission. The first physician he named was charles crenshaw. Jones told student, brad parker, on 81092, again,.

    Humes did speak to posner, but boswell told me flatly, and twice, that not only had he not changed his mind about the location of jfks low skull wound, hed never ever spoken with posner. I saw was a large gaping wound, located in the right occipitoparietal area. In an interview with humes published in jama on may 27, 1992, boswell repeated the claim that jfks fatal entrance wound was to the right and just above the external occipital protuberance Buy Robert Latimer Case Essay Online at a discount

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    Yet ebersole claimed that i had the opportunity (to examine the back of jfks head while positioning the head for x-rays) (hsca ebersole interview, , p. Adolph giesecke, md an assistant professor of anesthesiology at parkland in 1963 authored a typed summary of his care of governor connally on , warren commission gieske exhibit 1, (wc-v205-7) in which he does not mention jfks wounds. Baxter would do well to read his own hand-written note, prepared on the day of the assassination, and reproduced legibly in the warren report, and read the transcripts of interviews hes given authors before allowing further interviews. Numerous institutes for special study are available on and off campus, connecting bard students to the greater community Robert Latimer Case Essay For Sale

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    This, of course was, if true, the first time that boswell had ever made such a claim, and he specifically disallowed such a placement in near contemporaneous interviews he gave fellow physician and jama editor, george. How is one to understand the overwhelming witness opinion of a rear skull defect when the photographic images show no such defect? It has been argued that the exit wound was anterior but may only have appeared posterior to most witnesses as the president lay on his back, so the argument goes, the loose, unsupported scalp fell rearward creating the false impression among viewers that the wound was further posterior than it truly was. Amazingly, in an interview with author gerald posner on march 3, 1992, jenkins recollection had changed dramatically For Sale Robert Latimer Case Essay

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    With the exception of adolph giesecke, md, the parkland witnesses were unanimous in placing the skull wound rearward on the right side. It must be mentioned that there were those at parkland who described a left temporal entry robert mcclelland, md, marion jenkins, md (wc--v648) and father oscar huber all mentioned such a wound. Specter was any other wound observed on the head in addition to this large opening where the skull was absent? Carrico no other wound on the head. His entire right cerebral hemisphere appeared to be gone. Crenshaw a resident? Salyer yes, he is a third-year resident.

    Humes, md jfks chief autopsy pathologist, he wrote the autopsy summary which included the skull wound description, there is a large irregular defect of the scalp and skull on the right involving chiefly the parietal bone but extending somewhat into the temporal and occipital regions Sale Robert Latimer Case Essay










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